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              Chengdu No.12 Middle School

              Certificate of Being at School
              This is to certify that x×××××(born on October x×,×××x) is a student of Class One, Grade Three in our school. This student is of good character and scholarship, and has passed the joint examination of some subjects and will graduate after completion of joint examination of the final three subjects in January of ××××, As the student applied for studying in Canada, we agree that the student can graduate and leave our school after completion of joint examination in January of xx x x, but the Graduation Certificate cannot be issued until June of xxxx when Sichuan Provincial Education Committee will issue all graduation certificates uniformly.
              Scores of jointly examined subjects of this student are as follows:
              Geography: Excellent Physics: Excellent
              History: Excellent Chemistry: Excellent
              Biology: Excellent
              Sichuan Chengdu No.12 Middle School(Sealed)
              September x ×,××××
              Add.: No.××,Taiping South New Street, Chengdu
              Tel: ××××××

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